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Sijin Gopinathan as Global Green Ambassador of We Grow Forest Foundation - News Coverages

Sijin Gopinathan, a Keralate presence in doodle art, is happy to realize his dream through painting. This expatriate Keralate is the Global Green Ambassador of We Grow Forest Foundation, which is doing environment-friendly activities in Kerala.

Most of Sijin's doodle art is in harmony with nature. In the name of protecting nature, awareness activities are also being carried out through painting in the UAE for more than a year. Sijin said the environmental awareness activities are being carried out in conjunction with the UAE's plastic ban activities.

Materials including reusable markers are always used for doodle art. Sijin says being an ambassador for an environmental organization is also an honor for his art. We Grow Forest Foundation implements environmental activities in collaboration with Kerala Government.

Around 80 environmental works have already been completed. Sijin Gopinathan is an artist who excels in expressing different styles through doodle art.