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Doodle Bugs - Deccan Chronicle

From mesmerising mandalas to whimsical illustrations, Indian doodle artists are pushing boundaries and capturing the essence of their culture, experiences, and perspectives through playful lines, intricate patterns and conceptualised elements. Doodling is a form of art where a person scribbles, draws or sketches something while the individual’s attention is preoccupied with something else.

Sijin Gopinathan, an internationally acclaimed doodle artist is one of the pioneers in elevating doodling to a recognised art form in India. Sijin says, “Anything around me becomes my canvas. I don’t dictate my art to a particular canvas. I draw inspiration from my daily life and events where elements of nature are quite prevalent.” Born in the lush greens of Kerala, his connection to nature and humble beginnings are reflected in his meticulously crafted artworks. Sijin says, “I used to help my father with farming, so the connection with nature was a very intrinsic part of my life.” In 2023, as part of his 'Save the Nature' campaign, Sijin showcased his artistic talent by doodling on the rock of Ayiravalli Para, Venjaramoodu. Using washable lime water, it took him a dedicated 14 hours to complete his passion project. Themes like nature protection, women empowerment, and cultural diversity feature prominently in his artwork, alongside personal experiences.