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Merging the arts, design, technology and engineering to introduce a vast range of art forms

The world is evolving with us being surrounded with the latest technology that is advancing at a fast pace with each passing day. Many artists around the world are using these technologically advanced tools which help them achieve amazing results and make their ideas transform into reality exactly the way they have envisioned them. These never before seen artistic effects have broadened their scope of unleashing their potential in a big way. There’s a wide enchanting world that lies at the intersections of art and technology. This interdisciplinary field merges the arts, design, technology and engineering to introduce a vast range of art forms that never have been seen or thought of before. We have amidst us one such artist - Sijin Gopinathan, who has emerged as the world's most advanced technology driven artist whose work is completely years ahead of his contemporaries. While other artists use the old age traditional methods to create their work, this artist has amalgamated the most advanced technological tools and shown the world that the future of art is technology driven which he has already incorporated in all his art forms, unlike others.

In today's time the majority of artists use the same age-old methods and have never thought of entering this distinct niche which Sijin has. He has beautifully merged art with technology which has never been attempted by many in the world of art. People are unaware of such advanced techniques and the impact it can create as it is unique and out of this world, making it all the more interesting. We ask Sijin as to what technologies exactly he incorporates in his art which makes his work contrasting as compared to others. "Artistic expression has reached newer heights as the capability of technology has shown phenomenal growth. Creative technology can take many different forms from virtual reality to 3d mapping to human-robot collaboration and beyond," says Sijin. Here he charts out a few technologies which he uses creatively to make his art.

Virtual Reality: VR is used extensively by Sijin as it is a powerful tool which helps in virtually sculpting and painting which gives him the intended result. "VR has the potential to unleash limitless possibilities in its process through the art world, and sooner this will be realized by many," says Sijin.

Acumental Reality: AR adds an edge to the original artwork, enhancing the artist’s work and making it live. Sijin uses this tool often to churn out realistic art works on many occasions.

Neon Paint: This gives a unique effect to the art work and is a favourite with a few artists including Sijin.

Conductive Ink Painting: A fantastic form of material that lets you draw on various materials giving fantastic results.

Art and 3D Mapping: This technology gives fantastic results which are visually striking. "Artists who want to add extra dimensions, optical illusions, and notions of movement onto static objects can use this to enhance their work," says Sijin.

Artist and Robot Collaboration: AI-generated paintings are gaining much momentum at present. "Machines becoming artists are a thing of the future," informs Sijin.

Sijin states that these advanced technologies are the future and one has to get in sync with them at the earliest to grow beyond boundaries.