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Lets Paint a calligraphy on Old Carpet - The Artist Network

Hi Everyone!
Welcome to the latest episode of The Artist Network!
Today we are going to do a carpet painting
This is the first time i'm doing it and the process seems hard but lets see how hard it is and how much time it will consume to finish it.

Usually the used carpets where throw away after years of use and buy a new one, thats the normal thing!

Today I'm going to show how to recycle the carpet, There are a lot of challenges to create artwork on a carpet. First challenge is it is not like a canvas for example on a canvas we only need 2 or 3 coat paints  to fill and get thick and vibrant colors also get a good result. But on a carpet it's totally different, it needs a lot of colors, it's needed 5 to 6 coats of paint is not enough to get thick colors (eg Yellow)  another challenge is it's not exactly a flat surface so we can't expect an accurate shape when we paint. We can try to overcome these challenges and will show how to create a calligraphy art on it!


All the Artist or Art Lover need to create on sketch a day!
Try to find 10 minutes a day to make a sketch, maybe you stop doing the art because of the personal commitment or work pressure so if you try to restart it again then it will make a positive impact to the life, It will help and give inspiration to create more and more art and also the skill will get improve and it will boost the confidence level because of the daily sketching!
So try to sketch everyday and create something amazing!