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Festival of Colors - International Virtual Art Exhibition, 2020

By the Artist!  For the Artist!

Art is a powerful medium, and when artists of different genre come together; the feast they cook up is a visual treat. This year has seen the best and the worst of it all possible. Harnessing the best within an artist- we would like to honor and tribute our best art forms to uplift the global mood.

Tribute to the Master Artist Pablo Picasso

100 International Artists from 15 Nationalities paying tribute to the Master Artist Pablo Picassion through the Art. We (The Artist Network)  have shortlisted 300 Artwork and made an amazing collection of 100 Artwork from the 100 Artists for the Virtual Event called "Festival of colors" It's an amazing visual treat for the Artist and the Art lovers worldwide. The Virtual Gallery will be available from 25 October, 2020 its the 47 birthday anniversary of Picasso.

International Virtual Art Exhibition aims to make an Awareness.

2020’s global situation has engendered physical and mental trauma to everyone, invariably. we will be spreading some positive vibes and will try to create an awareness to overcome the mental illness/pressure/depression through ART!

About The Artist Network

The Artist Network is a non-profitable online Creative platform to help and support artists around the world, led by renowned Mural Artist/Art Director Sijin Gopinathan (Dubai) and Creative co-ordination by Nitheesh N Kurup (India). Now we have around 500+ artists from 22 Nationalities where part of our group and we share our knowledge and spread some positivity and awareness through Art. In this Pandemic time we did free online workshops to different school groups and associations in India and UAE.

Artist Sijin Gopinathan Organized/Art Directed many Art events including the 48th UAE National Day event with 48 artists painted on a 15 meter huge canvas. He is the first India Artist got an opportunity for a live performance at Expo 2020, "1 year to go celebration" done by the Government of Dubai. First artist in GCC to do a live painting with a ROBOT at Gitex Technology week, Dubai. Also he did many single and group Art Exhibitions around the globe.

The basic Idea of the group is to create more opportunities for the Artist and share the Art projects among them and to create a healthy Culture to collaborate and support each other.

"Support Your Fellow Artists!
We can learn a lot from each other and it will only make us ALL better."

Participating Artist - 01-20

Aarathi Sunil (India), Abdulla PMA(India), Alok Skaria(India), Amina Shahala(India), Athira Nanda(India), Aneesh Chandra(India), Anil Kamble(India),  Anz Soza (Philippines), Aswin M Jayan(India), Binny Malik(India), Bleseena George (India), Clizia Zepparelli(Italy), Diego Gouguenheim(Argentina), Divya Sudhan(India), Dona Gilbert(India), Dr. Devisree S(India), DR. Hafsa Banu(India), Dr. Nafisa Sayed-Motiwala(India), Elakkiya Pugazhendhi(India), Emar Al-Hmeidi (Syria)

Participating Artist - 21-40

Erum Abdullah (Pakistan), Fabena Fathima (India), Fatima Khalid (Pakistan), Fatmire Pulaj (Kosovo), Fazna Muhammad Mishal (India), Gomathi Shiva(India), Gowri Vijaya(India), Greeshma Divyesh(India), Humera Ali(India), Jaspreet Kaur(India), Jiffy Binu Varghese (India), Jolly Peter Isaac (India), Kavita Sriram (India), Khanjan Maru Soni (India), Lathika Krishnakumar (India), Lavanya S (India), Lenu Alexy Thomas (India), Mahalakshmi (India), MAHPEYKER YÖNSEL(Turkey), Malini Menon (India),

Participating Artist - 41-60

Manimegalai Arumugam (Malaysia),Manjula Kaimal (India), Margarita Kunizheva (Russia), Minakhee Mishra (India), Minisha Bhardwaj (India), Muhammed Nishan (India), Muhammed Rahib (India), Nandhini S (India), Neha Nair (India), Neha Subramaniam (India), Pipsa Das (India), Prasanna Kumar Simon (India), Puja Sinha (India), Puneeth mohan (India), Rahul Prasanna (India), Rajish Kappad (India), Rajni Madhra (India), Raksha Rathore (India), Ranjisha Raghavan (India), Reetuparna Roy (India).

Exhibition Starting from 8.00PM GST - 9.30PM IST on our official youtube: you for your patience and love!
Team Thee Artist Network

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