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Inspire the World - Art Campaign by Thee Artist Network

The world is going through a difficult situation.
So as a responsible human and an artist how can we inspire the world and the other fellow artists?  Then I got the Idea to create a social Art campaign, because Art is a powerful medium so we decided to invite artists around the worlds to be part of the revolution. We made artworks to inspire the world and give free trainings to the kids and other art lovers. - Sijin Gopinathan  

30 artists from 10 Nationality was part of the social initiative campaign and art challenge by The Artist Network led by Sijin Gopinathan and Nisa Mubarak.

The main aim of the art campaign is to spread positive vibes around the society and make a small change around the world.

Sijin Gopinathan - Art Director/Concept
As an Artist it my duty and responsibility to inspire and share the positivity thought the art in this tough time, when I made the concept lot of art around globe came to be part of the initiative and they made different theme based artworks, some of them created tribute artwork to the front-liners some other illustrated awareness and social distancing etc, now the collective effort from the creative fertility made the campaign unique and big.
Also lot of  kids are at home because of the pandemic, as per request we are planned to help and support them through making free tutorial videos from the good artists and will share it with them.

Ahmad Abu Tarboush - Artist/Guitarist (Jordan)
I keep reminding myself that i didn’t join this campaign just because we’re stuck inside! Art doesn’t just unify us — it physically benefits us too. During my work on this art project, it allowed me to relieve stress, strengthen critical thinking, and improve and sustain my memory!
This campaign has relieved my mental exhaustion in the same way the outdoors does — walking in nature, losing oneself in art.

Clizia Zepparelli- Artist (Italy)
In this lockdown period, I was enthusiastic and inspired to participate in the initiative promoted by the Artist network against Covid-19 which gave me a further push to react and not give up. Through the art of talented artists we can heal the soul and at least defeat our fears by inspiring those who observe us. Art is life and will always lives.

Margarita Kunizheva - Artist (Russia)
In a time when we need to be physically apart, it’s amazing to see how artists are using art to fight Covid 19 and to support each other. Staying at home with limited human contact can have a significant impact on our mental well-being - and in particular, feelings of loneliness. That’s why I was so happy to be a part of this great campaign and it really helped me to cope with my loneliness during the lockdown.

Sandya Vikram - Artist (United States)
I'm very thankful to The artist network campaign that allows artists to think out of the box and give us opportunity to find creative ways to keep people connected and aware during this pandemics. In this tough time we can make ourselves busy to create fabulous artworks, use your imaginations, be creative and you will see how beautiful the world is!

Soja Thajudeen - Medical Student/Artist (India)

We are going through one of the toughest times faced in the history of mankind. A pandemic that pushed us to this extent of vulnerability and fear have never been, ever heard of, or experienced before. Being a final year medical student, I am aware of the seriousness of the fatal condition we are facing. But at the same time, as an artist, I believe that the world needs some love and hopes of survival. I am extremely grateful to be a part of the Thee Artist Network community in such a positive and meaningful initiative. It is time, I gave back to the world and serve my purpose as a medical student and as an artist to the world. And this is my way of looking out for humanity!... Make art Spread love! :)

Anz Sosa- Artist (Philippines)
Amidst all this turmoil, I am grateful to be part of Thee Artist Network campaign against Covid 19. It was amazing how much everyone wanted to use their voice to contribute something to the world, which has suffered so much at the hands of this epidemic. This is the time to make time with your family. Do crafts and arts that develops imagination and creativity, express emotions and promotes curiosity. This strengthen family relationship. Let’s save lives. Stay in your nest. This is the world’s request.

Participated Artist: Sijin Gopinathan, Nissa Mubarak, Ahmad Abu Tarboush, Clizia Zepparelli, Bayo Hassan Bello, Fabina Fathima, Devi Sree, Sandya Vikram, Anz Sosa, Margarita Kunizheva, Kavita Sreeram, Varsha Sureka, Sunil Bindani, Yuvika Garg, Fizza Riyas, Nafisa Ali Sayed, Sugat Priyadashi, Sanjay Venugopal, Vidhi Soni, Blessi George, Yiahc Oziled, Soja Thajudeen, Dileep Venjaramoodu