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iltelevisionario2 - Inteview


( Alessandra Giorda) Among the most important artists on international landscapes, Sijin Gopinathan stands out for his creativity and excellent skill. His drawings are precious ! Sijin is highly passionate UI Designer and Illustrator, based in Dubai. Needless to say he is sensitive to art and designs. His goal is to become the most sought after designer. In an industry, that caters to design interfaces for the Web, Mobile App, Brand Identity, illustration or painting, he wants to leave his impression.

In the interview to follow he tells with passion his work and next goals.

Will you describe your job, please?I'm Sijin Gopinathan Im an Artist by passion and User Interface(Web/Mobile app) Designer by profession. The creative field is always a challenge for new artists. Usually at the beginning, we need a proper guidance for choosing the path. I'm so fortunate to have a guide, my mentor Mr. Reghunathan, who guided me properly.But here in Dubai, the situation was very different. I saw a varieties of art forms from different nationalities and honestly, the healthy competition was really high. At that point, I realised, the regular art forms can't be noticeable and hence decided to carve and develop a trademark style, as a result iam getting good opportunities now.

Do you a have a favorite painting?All the works I did are my favourites because I do have my soul in each and every peace of drawings I did. I was fortunate to saw many paintings from the great Artist "Raja Ravi Varma"from my childhood itself. His works inspired me to do real and fantasy themed paintings. But now I'm concentrated in Mural/Doodle art and some contemporary abstract painting.

Where do you get inspiration for your paintings?Iam a keen observer of the nature, society and cultural diversities of the people who surrounds me. Most of my works are a real depiction that reflects from the same. Some of my works including the "Mother Nature, Motherhood, The Vision, Gift of Life, the Saint etc are the real life characters. My style of artwork is a mix of Fantasy and Realism in a positive way, and I want to spread the positive vibes through my artworks. My home country India has a rich source of culture and has more than 2000 years of traditional growth and all these are more enough to inspire an artist like me. Moreover, the most inspiring quote from Van Gogh - "I dream my painting and I paint my dream"

Will you describe this technique and why you chose this subject, Martin Luther King ?"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that."I created Martin Luther King artwork based on #MLK50 campaign together with the Ajala Project for his 50th year death anniversary and It got good response from United states through my instagram (@sijingopinathan). I used the doodle techniques to create this artwork. Its commonly know as line arts, now a days doodle art form is getting more popular in the middle east.

What it means to paint for you?As I said before Art is my Life and passion, as the famous words "The creative adult is the child who survived" says, I'm happy that I survived by the help of my parents since they allowed me to follow and chase my dreams and create beautiful artworks. Now Iam really working hard that iam painting and doing art work each and every night to early morning to create my signature to the world. My subjects are related to Woman, Fantasy and Greenary and also, is a learning process for me. So I always find time to connect and discuss with new artists and love to give guidance to the upcoming artists for their improvement. I never waste any chance to learn new things to develop my skills.

I really believe that these capabilities are Godly grace and iam always happy to share my little knowledge to the emerging artist so that I created an Art group called @Doodleartistworldwide where my inspirational works are added and created a platform to motivate the emerging quality Artists around the world, which includes group activities etc.

What emotions did you feel when you paint?To be honest, it's beyond the words. Actually, its a mix of emotions and while working on an art project, I always care to spread the positive thoughts because I won't encourage negativity and another reason is that, a good percentage of the world loves to buy encouraging and positive themed works. So for an artist, his survival some times makes him to cheat himself and force him to do the same style only.

What are your next goals?Im working on few concepts art and improving my creative techniques to develop new art projects. One among them is "The Gold" art series and after that planning to do few solo exhibitions this year in Dubai and hopefully coming years in Paris and Singapore. As an Artist/Designer, I need to help my fellow artists too, so Im designing a website named call, it's under progress and it will be helpful for the unknown artists around the world to get news, artworks and get noticed through the web platform. Happy thing is that, its free of cost to the artist. I personally know lot of unbelievable talents from rural parts of India and I need to add them to the web platform. This will gonna be my big project and few of my web developing friends offered me help to develop the non profitable creative platform.