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How to become a Top Doodle Artist by Sijin Gopinathan

As a doodle artist, one’s ability to create spontaneous yet cohesive doodles is a crucial aspect of the profession. Doodling, however, can go beyond just filling up idle time; it can develop into a talent and potential career. Here are ten tips on how to become a quality doodle artist.

  1. Embrace simplicity The beauty of doodling is its informality and spontaneity. However, when creating a doodle piece, it’s essential to embrace simplicity to make it easy for audiences to digest and connect with. Using too many unnecessary details can confuse the viewer, making the art hard to follow.
  2. Create a distinct style While working with simplicity, it’s also essential to create a distinct style that makes your work stand out. Your style can come from your specific use of lines, shapes, and color schemes, or an overall message within your art. Having a unique style will ensure that your art stands out in a sea of doodles.
  3. Practice, practice, practice Like any other art form, the more you practice, the better you get. Practicing improves technique, creativity, and helps develop a unique style. Even if a doodle doesn’t turn out the way you wanted, you’ll always learn something new about your art in the process.
  4. Take inspiration from the world As a doodler, you’ll find inspiration anywhere and everywhere. Look beyond previous doodlers and take inspiration from everyday objects, nature, and even emotions to create your art. You’ll find that the world is an endless resource for ideas and inspiration.
  5. Experiment with different materials While doodling may seem like just pen and paper, exploring other materials gives more depth and creativity to your art. Experiment with a range of materials like markers, watercolors, charcoal, and even digital art software to enhance your skillset.
  6. Learn from other artists Learning from other artists is a significant factor in improving skills and gaining inspiration. Take courses from professional artists, explore doodle art pieces, and join an art community to learn from fellow doodlers.
  7. Develop a routine Creating a routine around your art helps focus and discipline. It ensures that you dedicate time to hone your craft, and it becomes a habit, making it easier to create art regularly.
  8. Get feedback and critiques As an artist, feedback from others can be tough. However, feedback is essential to improving one’s skills because it points out areas that need improvement and areas to emphasize. Get feedback from fellow artists, mentors, or even friends and family—critiques help develop your skills.
  9. Collaborate with others Collaborating with fellow artists is not only fun but also a useful tool for improving skills. Team up with other artists to create a joint piece, collaborate on a project, or teach each other techniques.
  10. Enjoy the journey Finally, enjoy the journey. Doodling should always be fun and enjoyable. Continue to experiment, enjoy the process, and celebrate the milestones in your artistic journey.

In conclusion, becoming a quality doodle artist is not a difficult task. However, it does require dedication, discipline, and a thirst for learning and improving. These tips are not exhaustive but offer a great starting point for those looking to venture into the world of doodling.