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All Kerala Gulf Malayali Association - Youth Festival

A trophy is a normal event for the winners, but they also gave a sapling of a plant to all the children who participated.. Today's generation of children, especially the children of this oasis, do not have the opportunity to be so close to nature. Heartfelt congratulations to AKGMA for starting with a sapling to inculcate the love of nature in them.

AKGMA Social Club (ALL KERALA GULF MALAYALI ASSOCIATION) put in a fantastic effort to make the Youth Festival at The Aquila School possible. This was a wonderful attempt to highlight the young students' creative abilities.I appreciate the invitation and the opportunity to continue my "Mission UAE" connect doodle in the midst of the great audience.I wish the "No Nature, No Future" initiative the best of luck.

Chief Guest: Shabu Kilithattil, Speical Guest: Sijin Gopinathan