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Sijin Gopinathan - Doodle Rockstar with Culture Visa/Golden Visa

A golden visa was granted to an artist who produces surreal products under a certain creative skill category.
His doodle art paintings showcase on a Mini Cooper, a big elephant camel, and new Mercedes among other things.
The Dubai Culture Authority issues the "world first culture visa," also known as the "golden visa."

Who is he?
Let us walk through the journey of Sijin, Born & Raised in Kerala, who is now known as the "#Doodlerockstar,"!

The first artist in Sijin appeared the instant he picked up a pencil to sketch, as he remembers his childhood. He had no idea that his search for greater steps would take him thus far until today.
Sijin says: While I was growing up in a town in Kerala, we didn't have books or high-end art pens, but we did have gifts from nature like little stones, chalk bits, and other things.

The paintings on the walls and the sand dunes inspired me as I grew older.

He continued his education like any other young adult while never giving up on his love for artwork. In order to live in a place full of opportunities, hope, and the future, Sijin moved from his hometown to the United Arab Emirates. He first set foot in this stunning nation, which has been incredibly supportive of him throughout his artistic path, in 2013. He received his first media attention within a year, which inspired him to keep following his love.

In addition to conducting several humanitarian art workshops and public awareness campaigns around the world, the art activist also introduced several cutting-edge art technologies to the United Arab Emirates, such as conductive ink paint art vs. robot painting.

Sijin has been spearheading the "Save the Nature" campaign across all Dubai sites and forging a route on the international stage with all of his heart and soul.

Sijin says he wanted to express his gratitude to this beautiful nation for granting the Golden visa and to let all aspiring artists know that this country will support them if they put their all into their work.

To be an artist is to believe in life. -Henry Moore

You can have faith because I did. In this futuristic world, the role of art will never change. -Sijin Gopinathan #Doodlerockstar