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Dubai Doodle Diary - Gulf Today Interview

Muhammad Yusuf reports on an artist for whom doodling is a powerful way of self-expression. The Gulf Today 23 Aug 2018

Dubai-based doodle/mural artist Sijin Gopinathan says he specialises in instilling life into fantasy. He is a multi disciplinary professional: an illustrator, painter and photographer, he has worked on art projects in the UAE, New Zealand and USA, and has had his own international art exhibition.

A doodle, for those who think it the pursuit of toddlers and artistically challenged wannabes, is actually a well recognised art genre. Popular kinds of doodles include famous TV or comic Characters, Invented Fictional Beings, Landscapes, Geometric Shapes, Patterns And Textures.
Alexander Pushkin's Notebooks Are Celebrated For Their Super-abundance Of Marginal Doodles, Which Include Sketches Of Friends' Profiles, Hands And Feet. They Are Regarded As A Work Of Art In Their Own Right!
Nobel laureate (in literature, 1913) Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore made huge number of doodles in his manuscripts. Ro-mantic poet and physician John Keats doodled in the margins of his medical notes; other literary

doodlers have included Samuel Beckett and Sylvia Plath. Some doodles and drawings can be found in the notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci!

Gopinathan's relationship with art began very early when as a young man, he was inspired by iconic Kerala painter Raja Ravi Varma and Indian art great M F Husain.
"I am an artist by passion and a User Interface (Web/Mobile app) designer by profession", he says. "They give me the power to generate unlimited ideas and possibilities. Being involved with them always like always coming home to your creative soul". He doodles to Time Out about himself and his work

But I think I am in general an easy going guy! I liked the idea of seizing the moment and freezing it on a canvas straight away: you just need a paper and pen for this! That's the beauty of doodles! The bonus is that it doesn't matter if am in the metro, a bus or cab - I can doodle everywhere.