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Creative QA Session with Artist @Sijingopinathan Instagram

@el__desperado13: Is it possible to live a life as an artist if you are from a poor family?
Bro I also came from a poor family!
My inspiration is this guy and I have been seeing him from my childhood. He paintings with real charcoal, brick, green leave etc etc  

If there is a will always there is a way!
1. Why I choose DOODLE ART is to cut down the cost of art materials.
“It’s need only a pen and a paper”.
2. Get a full time job and keep art as your passion so that you can buy the materials from your own money!  "These from my real experience"

@shruthy_muralidharan: Which is your favourite doodle that you have created so far?  
All of them are my fav :)

@domy_gouguenheim: How many expos have you been involved in?
3 Solo exhibitions, 20 group exhibitions, 8 Live performances and 7 Art directions.

@sajushabi: Whats your goal as an artist?
Give good training to the kid and make quality artists.

@shyamala_venkatesh_art: Whats your Fav genre of Art?
I love portraits, street art etc. The list is very long!

@artfoliobyindu: Do you have your first painting?
These are some of my oldest paintings with proper art materials (2001 -2007)

@aswin_m_jayan: Whats your greatest accomplishment?
Till now it "Expo 2020" It was really a proud moment to represent India in UAE

@madhuvijayan_: How do you balance your passion and personal life?
Its only because of the companies support (@idealz) Without that i can achieve any of the achievements. Thanks to Jad Toubayly and Essa Al Gurg

@cma_chris: Name an Artist you admire the most, one from India and one from UAE ?
Sabu Cyril from India (Art director of Bahubali, Enthiran etc) Sunil Bindani from UAE.

@manjima_06: What's the first painting for an Expo
These are the very old exhibition pictures i have one in India and one in UAE Can you seriously continue doodle art tutorial on youtube. when you started the expectation was too much
Will restart it soon bro, I working on brand new original content.

@soodestiny: Doodle art is pure art or a contemporary ?
I think its a refined version scribbling.

@shyamala_venkatesh_art: what your inspirations for doodling?
In my childhood I got inspired from Artist Namboothiri Sir's sketches in the newspapers.  

@nabeelayiroor @nitheeshkurup: How to make ideas for you artworks?
I will add some fantasy elements to the real life stories/incidence in a positive way.