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The journey begins with the light

On a hilltop high and grand,
A boy stood, taking in the sight so grand.
The forest stretched out, lush and green,
A vision of nature’s beauty, serene.

Clouds, billowed large and white,
Drifting lazily, a breathtaking sight,
Touching the boy with their feathered tips,
Dancing to an unheard symphony, nature drips.

Butterflies and birds are so free,
Fluttering, soaring, ringing in harmony,
Their wings, a blur of grace,
As they circle the sun and twist out of space.

The sun, a fiery orb that sets and glows,
Adding a dash of hues in reds and yellows,
A beauty, that soothed the boy’s soul,
A sight of nature, so blissful, a whole.

He held his father’s hand, and felt the love,
Heavens above, showering blessings like a dove,
With a heart brimming with gratitude,
The boy knew he was nature's blessed son, curved.

"Doodling Dream" the autobiography is written by Sijin Gopinathan about his journey as a doodle artist and the inspiration behind his art and co-written by Harshita Jain

"From Rural India to Dubai: The Story of a Doodle Artist" is a heartwarming tale of hard work and perseverance, following the journey of a young boy who refused to let his humble beginnings hold him back from achieving his dreams. This inspiring book is a reminder that with determination and talent, anything is possible. The never ending quest of an artist in the global and digital world and creating the vision of the world in his oeuvre.

Harshita jain is multi-disciplinary artist and writer.
She is naive, and paving her way in art with all possibilities. Co-writing the book doodling dreams about Sijin Gopinathan. She has set down the experience of the sijin's life journey in a beautiful aura.