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Pensive - Acrylic on Canvas

For his unique and distinct interpretation of female emotions through minimalistic art.

The painting series titled 'Aloofness', 'The Hope', and 'Pensive' reflects a powerful message of women empowerment and the importance of embracing emotions. Each artwork depicts a different emotion of women, and the minimalist and doodle art style used by Sijin Gopinathan beautifully captures the essence of the emotions. The unique style of the paintings has received tremendous appreciation and recognition from the art community, and the series has become one of the most talked-about artwork collections in the UAE.

Sijin Gopinathan's journey in the world of art has been a long and challenging one. Three years of hard work and dedication culminated in the creation of the three paintings that make up the series. The pandemic lockdown period in the UAE proved to be a boon for Sijin, giving him the opportunity to focus entirely on his passion for art. The result is three masterpieces that reflect his deep understanding of the female psyche and his exceptional skills as a doodle artist.

The fact that Mohanlal, a superstar actor of South India, was fascinated by Sijin Gopinathan's work is a testament to the artist's talent and unique perspective. Sijin's doodle book with selected artwork called "Doodling Dreams" gives us a glimpse into his brilliance as an artist, and it's no wonder that his work has caught the attention of the talented actor. With the world-class skills of doodling, the artist has proven that art is a powerful medium to express complex emotions and ideas.