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Sijin Gopinathan's Last Painting of the Illusion art series has been received by The Complete Actor Mohanlal

he paintings include 3 artworks titled as Aloofness, The Hope and Pensive in the theme of Female emotions with minimalist and doodle art style to women empowerment, it took 3 year to create the entire paintings most of the work are complete by the pandemic lockdown period in UAE.

Now the Doodle artist Sijin Gopinathan third artwork in this Series named 'Pensive' has found a place at the Dubai residence of Malayalam Superstar Mohanlal. After receiving the painting Lal did not hesitate to inquire about the ideas of the Artworks and the doodle drawing style, as the great actor was fascinated by Sijin's book of twenty pictures called "Doodling Dreams" with his selected Art collection, It Including the Doodle Artwork of Dubai Crown Prince Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum and the other rulers of the UAE.

Pensive - Acrylic Painting on Canvas
120x90CM - Painting for Sale

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