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Sijin Gopinathan Biography

Sijin Gopinathan is a talented artist who has gained worldwide recognition for his outstanding artwork. Born in Trivandrum, Kerala, on June 29, 1988, he is the first artist in Dubai to create a doodle car. Sijin's unique masterpiece was unveiled at the World Art Dubai 2021, where he drew a live doodle on a Mini Cooper car.

Sijin's exceptional doodling skills have garnered much attention, and his latest artwork was no exception. His masterpiece, which combines the works of renowned artists like Vincent Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, Michelangelo, Johannes Vermeer, and Leonardo Da Vinci, left audiences mesmerized and art enthusiasts in awe. His live event was a first-of-its-kind in the GCC region, and the car's magnetic appeal left visitors spellbound.

Sijin's passion for art dates back to his childhood, where he was captivated by the works of famous artists. His creative instincts pushed him to experiment with new ways of creating art. He chose a car as his canvas for a huge mural and completed the project in four days. His unique artwork earned him recognition, and many art enthusiasts and artists from Dubai appreciated his efforts.

Apart from being a gifted artist, Sijin has also been an art director for many social initiatives in Dubai. He was part of several art projects, international art exhibitions, and workshops in different countries. His talent and contribution to the art world were recognized, and he was awarded the UAE Golden Visa for his cultural and creative contributions to the country. Sijin has indeed made a mark in the world of art and has set the benchmark for creativity and innovation.