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Live Doodling Art Matrubhumi Health Expo, Sharjah

At the health expo organized by at the Sharjah Expo Centre, Sijin Gopinathan, a resident of Venjarammood, Thiruvananthapuram, drew the attention of the visitors by drawing a unique picture. Sijin Expo City paints a picture of public health. Children rush to draw pictures with Sijin.

Revenue Minister K. was the chief guest at the Health Expo. It was a novelty that Rajan also drew the film in addition to the film drawn by Sijin Gopinath. Many people gathered to see the sight.

Sijin, who excels in painting, also worked as a web designer at Thiruvananthapuram Technopark. Currently working in a private company in Dubai. Sijin is known as a doodle artist. Sijin became a Malayalam achievement in the art scene by painting live at World Art and Global Women in Economic Forum.

Sijin's doodles were exhibited at around twelve venues including World Art Dubai and The Hotel Show. His paintings were exhibited at the Dubai Mall to great acclaim. This artist has already received many awards.

Sijin: Amazing creative day filled with children's painting competitions, live doodling with children, and the Honorable Revenue Minister of Kerala @advkrajanonline and the most respected Dr Gangadharan Sir.

Thank you @mathrubhumidotcom for organizing the #healthexpo event,  Art competition Judging Panel includes Sijin Gopinathan and other Renowned Artist too.

Art Material Sponsored by Mesco (Middle East Stationary)