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Doodle Art on the Hill top of Kerala by Sijin Gopinathan AKA Doodle Rockstar

"Art is born of the observation and investigation of nature"

Just as the quote says, A land filled with nature's beauty is Kerala! And for me to be an artist born from that land brings me an immense pleasure.

As i walked through my birthplace setting footprint of my little Artistic feelings, I reached my favorite spot called the Ayiravalli Para, at Venjaramoodu.

As the name says, it is a mountain region with the most scenic beauty viewed from the top. The Mountain has always been an emotional attachment to me, As this is were i set my initial years of footprints. Wether it was a game of hop & play or hide & seek all of my childhood always had a view of Ayiravalli Para.

"One day i must engrave my artistic paint brushes on Ayiravalli Para" - This was indeed my biggest dream from childhood, And one such dream was accomplished during my last stay in kerala.

As a part of my existing "Save the Nature"
Campaign, I was able to portray my art on the Ayiravalli Para using my doodle concepts.