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Indian artist based in Dubai, Created masterpiece by unleashing his doodling skills

Meet Sijin Gopinathan, Dubai's first artist who has created a doodle car.

He has unleashed his creativity by performing a live doodle on a Mini Cooper car at the World Art Dubai 2021.

An Indian artist based in Dubai, Sijin Gopinathan has drawn much attention of late as he has created a masterpiece by unleashing his doodling skills on a car which made heads turn and hearts skip a beat. His live doodle sketch left the audiences dumbfounded and swept art lovers off their feet, such was the magnifying effect of his artwork. He showcased his talent at an event held in World Art Dubai 2021, and one has to see to believe the kind masterpiece he has created which amalgamates the works of five famous international artists namely Vincent Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, Michelangelo, Johannes Vermeer and Leonardo Da Vinci. Audiences that were present at the live event were left mesmerised with the creation. This is a one of its kind art event that has been held for the first time in the GCC region. "One look at the car and you would never want to take your eyes off it, such is the magnetic appeal of the art work," said a visitor on condition of anonymity.

When asked what made him choose this theme for his art event, Sijin replied, "I have been a huge fan of these renowned artists and have been following them since my early days as a child. Their work has always inspired me to strive for more and that's the reason when this event was planned the first names that came to my mind were of these great artists who have given the world the bestest of art works."

How was his experience of doing this unique event which was never heard of earlier in the region? "As an artist your creative instincts crave for more, and I was bored of the same old methods of creating art on a flat surface, that's when this idea struck my mind and I went ahead to use a car as my canvas for the huge mural. The entire process took four days to complete but the results have been satisfying as many art lovers and artists from Dubai have appreciated my work," says Sijin with a smile on his face.

Sijin specializes in UI designing, Illustrator, Doodling & Contemporary Painting, and his work has been displayed in many art projects in Dubai, the United States and New Zealand. Many international art exhibitions have also been held by Sijin in different countries. Apart from being a fine artist, he has also given a lending hand as an art director to many social initiatives held in the city like Support Kerala Event - Kerala Flood 2018 which was held in Dubai outlet mall, Kids workshop for Makers Faire - Hamdan Foundation held in World Trade Center and 48 National day Live painting  - with 48 artists on a 15 meter canvas, the event of which was held in Safari Mall Dubai. Sijin has also been credited with introducing conductive(electric ink) paint to the Ministry of Education Dubai.

He being an Indian has shone in the world of art and his impeccable work has made him a known artist on a global platform.

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