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Art Clothing - Concept

"Buy Art from Living Artists, the Dead Don't Need the Money"

Support Artists Develop Their Talent

Only a minority of artists make a living selling their works. According to research, three-quarters of US artists make less than $10,000 a year from their art, which is why most of them have to get a side job to support themselves. Some even give up on a career in art completely, faced with a lack of interest in their work. Investing in living artists early on is the only way to ensure that they keep on working and develop their talent. Without money or other jobs to worry about artists can invest all of their time and effort into art, and make more works of better quality.

Contribute to the Local Economy

When you purchase an artwork from a living artist, you are also helping the local economy. After all, artists have to spend that money somewhere and it will likely be in a local boutique or a grocery store. Additionally, as any other small business owner, an artist has to pay taxes that are later invested in roads, healthcare, air force etc. That way, when you purchase an artwork by a living artist you are indirectly contributing to an entire neighborhood.