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Connect Doodle for World Peace - 300+ faces and 35+ Nationalities on a single canvas

It's a mission to create Portraits of People in UAE on a Single canvas and I'm trying to collaborate with different locations in UAE and It's an amazing interactive Art Activation to spread love, humanity, and positivity.

The idea is to include more than 200 - 300 UAE-based people in a single canvas with the theme of "one Globe One Family"

In these past 10 years in UAE, I have seen the cultural harmony and the love people have for each other.
As an individual and an Artist, I made a lot of friends and learned many things from them and a lot of their stories, and it is inspiring.

Now I know that most of them are going through a lot of Pain, and these WAR scenarios really
hurt me, when I open the newspaper and the heartbreaking visuals of pain, I can imagine how many times more these people are suffering from this WAR.

As an artist and human, I always follow the Gandhian way as he said Love is the most powerful weapon, to spread the LOVE and PEACE MESSAGE through my art.

As part of the MISSION, I traveled to many Emirates in the UNITED ARAB EMIRATES and added 300 people’s doodle sketches into the canvas with around 40+ Nationalities of People. now I almost spent a year and I know that it’s a lot and their stories and faces are not only in my canvas it is engraved in my HEART too.

Once the artwork progressed I understood the truthful reality that we are ONE FAMILY.

Project time: 1 Year
Number of markers used: 42
No of Nationalities Covered: 33
No of faces around 250 – 300 Approx

Locations Covered

1. Dubai City Walk – Dubai 2. Souq Al Marfa - Dubai

3. The 8 Palm – Palm Jumeirah, Dubai 4. Gems New Millennium School – Dubai

5. Sharjah Indian School – Sharjah 6. Expo Center – Sharjah

7. Beach Hotel – Ajman 8. Al Mudfak - Ras Al khaimah.

Nationalities Included

1. India 2. UAE 3. Thailand 4. Kenya 5. South Africa

6. Azerbaijan 7. Albania 8. Afghanistan 9. Egypt 10. Pakistan

11. Srilanka 12. Philippines 13. Bangladesh 14. Italy 15. Canada

16. Australia 17. Newzealand 18. Syria 19. Ukraine 20. German

21. Saudi Arabia 22. Ethiopia 23. Palestine 24. UK 25. Turkey

26. Lebanon 27. Russia 28. Nepal 29. Indonesia 30. Poland

31. Sudan 32. Sweden 33. Australia