thee journey to perfection!
Sijin believes that an artistic approach is a path that leaves many options since the art is what it reflects a viewpoint through the chosen colors. He uses the creative medium as catalysts to uncover the true self.

Sijin's relationship with creativity started very young when he was inspired by the great Raja Ravi Varma, and MF Hussain. An artist is always in a struggle with perfectionism, and after learning how to cope with the nuance of perfectionism, that's when he decided why.
And that is why he is an Artist. He chose this profession because it gives him the power to generate unlimited ideas and possibilities. It is always like coming home to your creative soul. With all the hard work, Sijin is "Thee Designer"
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who is thee designer?
An extrovert catalyst
Sijin is highly passionate UI Designer and Illustrator, based in Dubai. Needless to say he is sensitive to art and designs. His goal is to become the most sought after designer. In an industry, that caters to design interfaces for the Web, Mobile App, Brand Identity, illustration or painting, he wants to leave his impression.
2014 February to present
Currently, he works with a world-class team at Next stop Grow Digital Agency, as UI designer/illustrator and thanks to James, Laura & Jonathan for the opportunity. Life in Dubai is always happening and it gives him the space to enjoy and give his best shot.
2009 June - 2013 June
Sijin started his career with QBurst, it helped him to get the nuance of designing, team and developing. As he says "Raghunathan Sir, my mentor, and guide provided me with tips and tricks of the creative world. He holds a special place in my heart"
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thee skills / knowledge
Corel Painter
As a creative Sijin is blessed with the guidance of renowned artist Suresh Babu for painting and drawing @ Color of Arts. His association with the latter was rewarding, and it helped him in the art of being skillful.
Sijin after completing his Diploma in Graphic Designing from Image, proved to be the turning point of his life. He exceeds the class and quality of the creativity, and with that ended the inhibitions and limits.
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Global Art Award - THE FINALISTS 2018
Of each category one winner will be announced on 21st November 2018 at FIVE PALM JUMEIRAH DUBAI | PENTHOUSE....
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thee portfolio
Feel free to walk through my portfolio page, here you can see some of my work under different categories. Post your thoughts about these creatives and let me know your feedback, Thank you.
Global Art Award - THE FINALISTS 2018
Of each category one winner will be announced on 21st November 2018 at FIVE PALM JUMEIRAH DUBAI | PENTHOUSE....
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ChannelD TV - Explore Arabia
Channel'D interview 21 Sep (8.30PM) Re-telecast on 22 Sep(7.30PM), 25 Sep(8.30PM)...
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Beachroad Magazine catch up with artist Sijin Gopinathan
I grew up adoring many mural artworks. Mural art is a part of Indian traditional art. Many of the temples…...
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Support Kerala - Live doodle Art, media coverages
Some 13 artists from India and one Emirati painted a canvas in front of mall goers at the Dubai Outlet…...
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Re-Creation Painting for sale
14 UAE based Artist created this artwork to support Kerala! #Rebuild #keralaflood Acrylic on canvas (120x90 Canvas x 2) Contact…...
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Dubai-based artists join hands for Kerala
More than a dozen Dubai-based artists joined hands — literally — on Friday to do a live doodle painting for…...
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Support Kerala Campaign
we 14 Artists are joining hands together for “support Kerala campaign”, the idea behind is to do a live doodle…...
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Dubai Doodle Diary -Gulf Today, Interview
Dubai-based doodle/mural artist Sijin Gopinathan says he specialises in instilling life into fantasy. He is a multi disciplinary professional: an…...
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The Wild - Doodle Art
Wildlife traditionally refers to undomesticated animal species, but has come to include all plants, fungi, and other organisms that grow…...
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Art exhibition by Alfalasi Artz @ St Regis Hotel
Amazing art exhibition by @alfalasi.artz and @bhairavimistry! Congrats to the participating artists!...
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Allah - The God
his article is about the Arabic word "Allah". For the Islamic view of God, see God in Islam. For other…...
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Inauguration Creative Nights Art exhibition, Dubai Citywalk
Creative Nights" - Solo art exhibition by Sijin Gopinathan @ Dubai, Citywalk from 11 June - 18 June, 2018 -…...
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Freedom - Doodle Art
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Creative Nights - Solo Art exhibition, Dubai Citywalk
"Creative Nights" is a solo art exhibition by Sijin Gopinathan in Dubai, Citywalk from 11 June - 18 June, 2018…...
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Grandangolare Italian magazine - Interview
I’m Sijin Gopinathan Im an Artist by passion and User Interface(Web/Mobile app) Designer by profession. The creative field is always…...
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The Blossom - Doodle Art
And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it…...
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Doodling Dreams - Deccan Chronicle, Newspaper
Dubai became a blessing for Sijin Gopinathan. Art came back to his life in a strange way. After work hours…...
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Kurushetra - Doodle Art
The Gita is set in a narrative framework of a dialogue between Pandava prince Arjuna and his guide and charioteer…...
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Doodle Artist Tshirt
Malayalam calligraphy text design for 'Doodle Artist world wide" branded T-shirt....
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Heart is pure
"Her smile makes me smile. Her laugh is infectious. Her heart is pure and true. Above all I love that…...
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Website design -
ZeeArts is a leading Art consultancy providing services across the MENA region and beyond. Working with local artists, framing and…...
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The Vision
I decided to fly through the air and live in the sunlight and enjoy life as much as I could....
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Awarded from World Art Dubai
Awarded for live doodling in World Art Dubai, 2018 - Thanks Forever Rose London for sponsoring the award.Four artists with…...
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Doodle Marathon - Opening day, WAD
Everyone loves to Doodle! Check out WAD’s Longest Doodle Marathon! 4 Artists + 4 Days = Thousands of doodles! If…...
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I'll Sail My Ship Alone
I'm not afraid of storms, for I'm learning how to sail my ship....
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Featured in Family Magazine - Asiavision
amily Magazine from Asiavision one of the leading family monthly magazine (Malayalam) in United Arab Emirates that featured Sijin Gopinathan…...
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World Art Dubai - Longest Doodle, Marathon
Everyone loves to Doodle! Check out WAD’s Longest Doodle Marathon! 4 Artists + 4 Days = Thousands of doodles! If…...
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Spring Beats Art Fest 2018, Sharjah
A lot of fun had the numerous participants during the 2 days of live painting in the Quasba in Sharjah!...
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Gift of Life - Sold
@dhayani_pics Happy to share my highlights of the @naseba @wilforum: Quotes that made my day, by @modi.satish: "Charity is not…...
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The Warrior - Mural Art
History has remembered the kings and warriors, because they destroyed; art has remembered the people, because they created. -William Morris...
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Step Conference/Tech Fest 2018
Did a very quick Live Art STEP Conference /Tech Festival American University in Dubai @ lunch break time! Topic: "Digital…...
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Chain of life
Without community service, we would not have a strong quality of life. It's important to the person who serves as…...
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DIFC Art night, Dubai
Art is nothing without a community. We're grateful to our community of artists, partners and supporters for an amazing evening…...
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Motherhood Painting
Sometimes the strength of motherhood is greater than natural laws. Motherhood - painting 120x90 Mix media on canvas...
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MURAL @ MINA Brasserie DIFC Dubai
theajalaproject We have partnered up with Four Seasons DIFC to create a striking mural in celebration of the launch of…...
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Martin Luther King 50 - Mural
Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.…...
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Nest Engulf - Art and Community Event
Dubai Jiggy and NEST Coworking Space are collaborating to create a one-of-a-kind Alternative Art Exhibition featuring emerging artists, musicians, poets,…...
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Gift of Life
We are pleased to announce our partnership with Naseba for the Global Women in Leadership (WIL) Economic Forum that is…...
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Year of Zayed (UAE culture & tradition) - Art Exhibtion
Thanks Mr. Khalil Abdulwahid (Acting director of visual arts, Dubai Culture) for your great words! It was a great exhibition…...
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Newspaper coverage from leading news papers in dubai like Khaleejtimes, Gulfnews and regional newspapers from kerala, india also published some…...
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Peacock- Doodle art
The Indian peacock has iridescent blue and green plumage, mostly metallic blue and green, but the green peacock has green…...
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Television Interviews
Artist interview and art events news telecasted by Manorama TV, Matrubumi TV, Media One TV, ACV News, Kaumudy TV, Jaihind…...
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Re-Imagine - Mural art for live painting
How can we reimagine the future of the places we call home? What is the relationship between technology and nature…...
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Doodle art work selected - Global woman in leadership economic forum 2017
18 artworks that highlights the theme of diversity, inclusion and female empowerment will be exhibited by AJALA artists at the…...
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Re-Imagine @ University of Sharja by Unilever
How can we reimagine the future of the places we call home? What is the relationship between technology and nature…...
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Super hero's & fantasy art exhibition
Super hero's & fantasy art exhibition @ The Cartoon Art Gallery, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Thanks Alfalasi.artz and the curator…...
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Abstractions - Art exhibition, 2017
As for Sijin Gopinathan Theedesigner will exhibit his "art / Doodling" "It is a series of inks, works designed to…...
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International Woman's Day Exhibition - Arab cultural center, Sharjah
24 artists participated in an art exhibition at ``Arab cultural center, Sharah" from March 16th - march 30th and the…...
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Empowering woman's through Education
Empowering woman's through Education - Powered by The Ajala Proect...
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Mangrove Fest 2017
Mangrove Fest 2017 - Live Painting DAF stand Under the patronage & presence of His Highness Sheikh Saud Bin Rashid…...
View Details
Painting Exibition @ The Hotel Show, Dubai
The Hotel Show Dubai is host to the exciting and buoyant hospitality industry, with over 600 international exhibitors and 16,700…...
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Codairs - Branding
Codairs is New zealand based digital agency that provides web , mobile applications development and ui designing, I did there branding,…...
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Casio - eLearning Portal
Its an e Learning Portal for Casio Sales persons in United Arab Emirates mainly focus on super markets likes Carrefour....
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Kinetic - Website
Kinetic Business Solutions is a dedicated, committed and niche provider of effective human resource solutions to the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device,…...
DesigniconographyPhotoshopTypograghyWeb Design
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Path Bar School - African & Eastern
Path Bar School - African & Eastern...
View Details
Luna Sky Bar (Four Seasons) - Website
Luna Sky Bar is designed to evoke the symbolism of the falcon, a national emblem of luxury and bravery. The…...
DesignTypograghyUsabilityUX DESIGNWeb Design
View Details
DP World - IOS App
The DP World Safety & Environment Snapshot application provides a simple means to record and submit safety observations and interactions…...
DesigniconographyIOS appUsabilityUser ExperienceUX DESIGN
View Details
Iqdays - Website
Iqdays is New zealand based digital agency that provides web , mobile applications development and ui designing, I did there…...
UI designs
View Details
Orku Reminder App
Did this project as a prototype for the famous LANDMARKS GROUPS in Dubai, they want to create so unique features…...
IllustrationUI designs
View Details
Music Room
The Music Room was founded in 2001 by Carolyn Belsey Morton, a music teacher with 35 years experience teaching in…...
View Details
Al Mazroui - website
Al Mazroui Group has adopted a policy of providing the finest expert services and facilities to all of its clients,…...
View Details
Iqdays Branding
Iqdays is Newzealand based digital agency that provides web , mobile applications development and ui designing, I did there branding,…...
View Details
Mum Mates - Web & Branding
Mummates is New zeland based web project it provide a relaxing and friendly atmosphere for our users to leverage their…...
UI designs
View Details
Advance world group
Advance World Group has always been fascinated by machines, especially air conditioners and refrigerators and how it worked. Advance World…...
View Details
Mystery acrylic painting
The Music Room was founded in 2001 by Carolyn Belsey Morton, a music teacher with 35 years experience teaching in...
View Details
Restart the art - Sameness Project
I have participated in "The Sameness Project" its a collaboration between Dubai based artists & construction workers. The project's aim…...
View Details
Terrence Howard - Fans Website
Caron has over 20 years experience in line management, corporate and commercial HR operating in high profile luxury customer focused…...
iconographyIllustrationUI designsUX DESIGNWeb Design
View Details
Puerility acrylic painting
After a long time gap I did this acrylic work with a rural Indian touch, My main idea is to…...
View Details
Mahek - Branding & brochure
Did full branding for Mahek fashion lounge, Its an exclusive ladies fashion center with all kind of branded fashion accessories…...
View Details
Falcon - Doodle art
Falcon is the national bird of UAE and is a symbol of force and courage, recognizing the importance of falconry…...
View Details
Ganjalato - logo design
Award winning logo design for the “Coolest gelato ever” in 99designs, won $1000 for the logo design competition....
View Details
Fusion Jam - A Night of Art and Music @ The Jamjar
Thejamjar for a fun night of sketching and performing musicians... Sketchbound, Alison O'Grady, in this dynamic workshop which will cover…...
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creative artist
Sijin specializes in instilling life into fantasy, he is a multi-disciplined professional with artistic versatility. Having hands-on in UI designing, illustrator, painter, and photography. He has worked on web and art projects in Dubai/United States/New Zealand and even had his own international art exhibition.

With a wide range of technical know-how and the aesthetic sense, he becomes the ideal central resource for creating great visuals and ideas.
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thee testimonial
"We have just launched our highly ambitious website project and couldn't be any happier with the end results and our experience with Codeairs (theedesigner). Their team is a perfect mix of left and right brains. When we met with them to discuss the project, we were immediately impressed with how easy they are to communicate with real, down to earth, believable people that don't talk over your head with tech jargon. They listened and spent ample time understanding our needs and goals to make sure the site layout was appropriate. They pulled off some very tricky programming feats to get the site to do what we wanted, while not losing sight of the need for superb, modern and user-friendly."
March 20, 2016
web team
Mummates, New Zealand
Sijin has been an absolute pleasure to work with. He is a very capable, polite, talented designer with a eye for UI/UX design. He has a great attitude and will go far; proving to be an asset to any team. Sijin, I hope we are able to work together in the future!
Ellé Hutchinson
June 28, 2016
UX, UI, CX and Service Design Digital & Creative Specialist
Salt - United Kingdom
Sijin is an exceptionally talented person when its about Illustration and Design. Attention to details is a very good reason for his works to appear more appealing. Good concept with colors, and as well Very creative. He takes special care on all his projects and works to maintain the standard and consistency.
Sooraj Rajan Sughandhamony
February 15, 2013
UX Analyst (CUA™ HFI), Visual Designer
I've worked with Sijin on a few assignments and he is hands-down the best creative intellect I have seen in the industry. This guy is all-designer-no-BS and will take you by surprise. By nature he is a very meek and humble person but behind that persona there hides an extremely talented web designer.
He has experience with various niche tools and he delivers as per schedules/deadlines.
Benazir Khan
August 5, 2015
Freelance Trainer & Developer
SAP BO, Informatica
Working with Sijin has been a delight. He is a very capable and creative designer, producing really incredible pieces of work. Having his artwork selected and promoted around Dubai is a testament to his artistic and creative flair. Not only that, Sijin is very polite, well mannered and respectful to his work and fellow employees. He is extremely hard working and very accommodating. He is well liked by everyone and can put his mind and talent to any task.
Sofia Rubio
October 29, 2015
Project / Account Manager
Grow - Dubai Digital Agency
Sijin isn’t just a tireless worker, talented designer and dedicated employee who always goes beyond the call of duty - he’s also a great human being.No challenge is too big, no task too small and no problem too complex for him to tackle. Sijin is one of the best colleagues I’ve had the pleasure of having report to me and is an absolute asset to any company lucky enough to have him in their employ.

Bottom line: I couldn’t recommend Sijin enough.
Jonathan Botha
October 26, 2015
Founder at Good Day
I have worked with Sijin on a number of projects. I really enjoy the level of creativity he brings to his work and I feel comfortable in knowing I can leave a scope of work with him and he will come back with a great design. Sijin is a professional and competent designer. He is very polite and patient which makes him an extremely valuable asset to any organisation. – I highly recommend him.
Hiral Devi Chawda
Feb 2016
Client at GRow Digital Services, Dubai
Marketing Manager Ascom
thee blog/downloads View all
By Sijin Gopinathan   May 21, 2018  
1) Will you describe your job, please? I’m Sijin Gopinathan Im an Artist by passion and User Interface(Web/Mobile app) Designer by profession. The creative field is always a challenge for new artists. Usually at the beginning, we need a proper guidance for choosing the path. I’m so fortunate to have…
By Sijin Gopinathan   May 16, 2018  
Dubai became a blessing for Sijin Gopinathan. Art came back to his life in a strange way. After work hours he began going to artist meetups, where for two hours, they’d all sit inside a restaurant or an open ground and make theme-based sketches. Sijin had just landed in Dubai…
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