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The Dark night Journey

Lost in the darkness of the forest so deep,
His heart was pounding, filled with dread,
With insects and reptiles where he tread.

The sounds of darkness made him quake,
And fear took hold with each step he’d take.
With every rustle in the brush,
He felt his courage turn to mush.

His mind was foggy and his heart beat fast,
Lost and alone he knew this wouldn’t last.
Looking for a light or a guiding hand,
He longed for safety, a way to understand.

As he stumbled on, unable to see,
He tripped and fell, skinning his knee.
The pain he felt was nothing compared
To the fear of what lurked nearby and scared.

With eyes tightly shut, he prayed for light,
For release from the horrors of the night.
And then at last he saw a beam
Of hope, a light as bright as a dream.

A helping hand reached out to aid,
Guiding him to safety, he was unafraid.
For in that moment, he realized so bold,
Courage comes in many forms, hard yet with a strong hold.