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The Bowl One, Online Food Platform- UI/UX Project

Why don’t we have a healthy unhealthy experience?

Coming from years of dieting, exercising, falling in and out of love with kale and broccoli. Then going overboard on dry protein bars to stay sane, and being completely careless.

Its time to cut the crap- and replace it with the real deal.

All in one, the health, the non-health


The protein, no sugar- and the divine indulgence- we bring it all in one. Bold. Concept. Now you can have your cake- and eat it too.

The BS behind why we are the hero

Because diets are unsustainable

As they often are, taken too far- they are harmful on a metabolic and mental level. Wrong way of weight loss can risk body tissue and fat.Perfect is bad, you can’t top perfect.
Our peanut brittle bowl though,- that CAN be topped
(with more peanut butter obvs)

The obsessive diet culture distorts our natural relationship with hunger queues and food.

Ever spend a whole day thinking about food?
Eating healthy should be simple. We’re here to cut the crap. Indulge in your health, goddamn it.

Hope you enjoyed it, thanks for viewing!

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