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Sijin Gopinathan Sets New Record: 300+ Faces, 35+ Nationalities on One Canvas

Sijin Gopinathan, the talented Doodle Artist, has achieved a remarkable feat by securing a place in the Indian Book of World Records for his extraordinary creation on a single canvas. With over 300 faces representing 35 nationalities, his artwork embodies the theme of "One Globe-One Family," aiming to inspire, motivate, and encourage unity through diversity.

His dedication to the arts and unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries have truly set him apart in the artistic world.

Indian Book of World Record: Exceptional acclamation and ovation are conveyed to Sijin Gopinathan,

who has an unwavering commitment towards Arts, achieved with
dedication, chiselled his legacy, mastered his will to prove nothing
is impossible by creating a largest canvas with 300 personalities
internationally with the theme: One Globe-One Family,
to inspire, motivate and encourage.