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Mural on a life size camel sculpture in UAE

It was really an amazing experience to make artworks on a life size Camel sculpture (6.5 feet) and it was challenging too because of the curved surface, but somehow we somehow managed to finish it ;)
Little bit about the company: AL SAQR have achieved many accolades from various industry panels by exhibiting special capabilities and providing customer satisfaction. To mention a few, Al Saqr have made 18" tall Magritte and 6 foot high models of horses and camels, based on the designs from Mrs. Star Liana York, the world famous sculptor (and supplied to M/s Art Works, Dubai). These models were on display in many venues in Dubai during 2004-05 and captured the attention of tourists and locals alike.

Now I’m looking forward to seeing the installations in one of the amazing places in the UAE.