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Memecyclopedia - Artwork

Memes are simple, relatable and universal ideas, concepts or feelings that spreads from person to person or becomes viral. The only concept that is non-ephemeral is death.
In the context of this response, a compendium of factors that contributes to the death or non-ephemerality of memes and termemologies - meme terminologies - are presented.
What follows are contributors to the death or non-ephemerality of twenty first century ‘modern day’ internet memes. It is a non-exhaustive compendium of existing and/or fabricated terms that will continue to grow to later become a ‘Meme-Clycopedia’.
Meme-festo: Memes as motives or instruments to influence or initiate collection action, often negative. (Similar - fake news, nonsensical phenomenas with trending hash tags).

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Thanks to @jameelartscentre and the amazing Jameel Arts Center team - @mrdelzgl and @unskattan for the wonderful opportunity to be part of the youth assembly and to participate as a curator and a contributor to the youth takeover. My contribution to the youth takeover was a compilation of terms and factors that’s contributes to the non-ephemerality of modern day internet memes in the form of a Memecyclopedia. Issue 1. Vol 0. My gratitude to @buuuuuzu and @sijingopinathan for their immense support on this book and to the three amazing creatives and best fams - @rknghrs, @engymahdy and @maxfirepower who each responded to my curatorial statement with such meaningful work I’m short of words to describe! I’m so proud of all nine youth assembly members and all the 17 amazing artists who participated in the youth takeover exhibition. Here’s to one of the best exhibitions yet in Dubai by its talented youth! 📸: @richard_ketley

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