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Friday Fate: How a Phone Call Landed Me in Malayalam Cinema - Gu the Movie

A few months back, I was on a trip from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, the excitement of my brother-in-law's wedding bubbling over.  That evening, a call from a dear friend (Sooraj Rajan Sughandhamony), a former colleague in India, changed everything.  "Sijin," he asked, "would you be interested in working on a movie?"  As a lifelong movie buff, how could I resist?
He connected me with the director, Manu Radhakrishnan.  Within minutes, the movie's theme was laid out.  Excitement warred with a tinge of worry.  A year ago, I'd faced a similar situation with another film project.  COVID delays hampered my work, ultimately leading to a strained relationship with the friend who offered it.

Determined not to repeat history, I poured my heart into this new project.  The team informed me that the complete film was ready, with just a missing piece – the title card artwork.  Once created, it would be set to music, narrated by the legendary Mohanlal, and displayed on the big screen.  The prospect sent shivers down my spine.
Months of focused effort culminated in a finished product – the artwork and animation.  

Yesterday, with my wife and daughter by my side, I witnessed the magic unfold.  Seeing my name alongside my creation on the giant screen was a moment etched in memory.  They spoke of goosebumps, but I secretly shared that feeling.  This wasn't just a project; it was a childhood dream realized. They say in the film industry that one Friday can change your life. I don't know if change will happen to me or not, and this is my own entry into the world of Malayalam cinema with the movie "GU" Gulikan.