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Empowering woman's through education

Empowering woman's through Education - Powered by The Ajala ProectDubai: A 16-year-old Dubai girl initiated a unique art exhibition in partnership with the Ajala Project, a social enterprise, in Dubai this week to showcase artworks representing countries where girls are denied access to education. Called “Empowering Girls Through Education”, the five-day exhibition at Novotel World Trade Centre coincided with the International Women’s Day week. It aimed at raising funds for Dubai Cares, with 70 per cent of its proceeds being donated to a cause that stresses equal access to education for girls and boys.Source of inspiration Marsailie Shiyi Lin Troup from Greenfield Community School, Dubai, who initiated the event, said, “I became aware of this issue when studying the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the UN Millennium Development Goal 2 of Universal Primary Education and the inspirational story of Malala Yousufzai who almost died defending her right to education and said, ‘All I want is education and I am afraid of no one’.”Hassan Bello, co-founder of the Ajala Project, said, “Works of 17 artists were displayed at the exhibition. The artists included Ria Sharma, Erum Abd, Afshan Quraishi, Athira Nanda, Humaira Hussein, Linda Hollier, Minisha Bhardwaj and Sijin Gopinathan.”

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Sijin Gopinathan believes that artistic approach is a path that leaves many options since the art is what reflects a viewpoint through the chosen colors. He uses the creative medium as catalysts to uncover the true self. An artist is always in a struggle with perfectionism, and after learning how to cope with the nuance of perfectionism, that’s when he decided why and that is why he is an Artist. He chose this profession because it gives him the power to generate unlimited ideas and possibilities. It is always like coming home to your creative soul. 3 of his works including this artwork, "Mother Nature" will be exhibited at the Global Women In Leadership Economic Forum 2017 to highlight the theme of diversity, inclusion and female empowerment. Proceeds from each of her works will be donated to @playforsmiles - an initiative working to empower underprivileged children in Kenya. Get your tickets to attend this amazing event. Join us in supporting amazing local artists and initiatives around the world. We hope to see you all! #GWEF2017 #theajalaproject #art #social #impact

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