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Doodle on a Mini Cooper - World Art Dubai 2021

First Indian artist did a live doodle on a Mini Cooper Car

Dubai based Indian Doodle Artist Sijin Gopinathan, created a live doodle sketch on a mini cooper car at World Art Dubai 2021, it's a tribute to the Artist around the world. The doodle art work includes 5 famous International artists.


The Doodle Car is a visual treat to the audience and concept is trying for the first time in the GCC region.

Sijin Gopinathan:

When I got the opportunity to do a live doodling at World Art Dubai.

That time I thought I needed to make something special and Unique, so I made a tribute DOODLE ARTWORK to my favorite artists.

From my childhood I've been following these Master Artists and their works. I'm a huge fan of them!
Every event I used to make art work on a flat surface, as an artist I got bored while doing the same process again and again, so I used my car as a canvas for the huge mural, it took four days to complete with the black ink. Now it is getting very good response from the artists and the Art lovers in Dubai.

The Fun fact:

Some parents are afraid that their kids might be inspired and do it on their own Cars.

Process for making is artwork:

I used a peelable paint coat and after that I made the artwork with Normal permanent markers, so after the event I can peel it off and make other artworks