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Top 5 Trends to Watch in the automotive industry in 2019

Battle to own relationships in a digital market

- mobility services are becoming a viable alternative to car ownership

- new approaches will be needed to retain customers loyalty

- values in mobility services are different from values in car ownership

- new set of key factors include availability, ease of use, reliability, rating and price

Digitalisation & Connectivity

- enhanced driver experience is growingly based on connectivity

- access to social media and business apps is a must-have

- Internet of Things becomes a vital part of transportation systems

- vehicle sharing and Mobility-as-a-Service are increasing in popularity

- augmented reality will bring noticeable improvements to driver safety

Big data

- digital communication will be mandated on all new cars

- new cars collect data about routes, traffic patterns, preferred music and places

- collected data is analysed to spot trends and eliminate risks

- additional pressure is put on digital safety

More advanced diagnostics and monitoring

- to be fuel efficient and eco-friendly, vehicles are becoming increasingly complicated

- complex automotive structure make diagnosis and repairs more demanding

- elaborate troubleshooting procedures are needed to determine the fault

- adequate modern diagnostic tools are an absolute necessity in every workshop

Crossover vehicles

- crossovers are currently the biggest thing on the market

- they combine the comfort of a SUV with an overall effectiveness of sedans

- usually based on regular cars, so mechanically less complicated than SUV

- equipment focused on comfort, in-car-entertainment and connectivity

Electric cars

- market-share of fully electric cars is on the rise

- all major players are rapidly developing new powertrains

- extended battery life and shorter charging time are key factors

- maintenance and repairs will require a set of different skills