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Art Tribute to Sushma Swaraj - UAE

Being an Expat , we got to realise the important of Sushma swaraj maam one step ahead of the country residents themselves.  
Keeping this in mind, we believe the art is a way of letting the past go ahead and live longer . A group of 20 Indian artist come together to perform live painting in memory of our Late Sushma Swaraj Maam Lead by Art director Sijin Gopinathan-Founder of Thee Artist Network , UAE.
This effort is a kind reminder to all the Indian expats around the world saluting our gratitude and love towards this painting.

The Artist network is glad to step up to creating a live portrait of maams's achievements at Al Nadha Park , Sharjah in front of thousands of spectators.

The Team looks forward to contribute the final piece to the Indian Consulate of Dubai in remembrance for all her kind deeds to the Indians around the globe.

Location : AL Nadha Park , Sharjah

Date : 9th August , 2019