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300+ faces to be painted on a single canvas by one person in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The final canvas featured over 300 real life characters, each with their own unique story and personality. From children playing in the event, to elders enjoying their afternoon tea, every individual was beautifully captured in the black and white lines artwork.

The artist behind this incredible feat is none other than Sijin Gopinathan, a Dubai-based creative and founder of Connect Doodle. He is known for his realistic and detailed portraits, often drawn in public spaces as a way to connect with people and spread positivity.

When asked about the inspiration behind the project, Sijin says, “I wanted to create something that would bring people together, no matter their background or culture. Art has always been a universal language, and I wanted to use it to create a sense of community and belonging.”

The canvas, which measures over 220 cm in length, the ideas is to continues to inspire and uplift visitors from all over the world. Sijin hopes that his work will encourage others to embrace their creativity and use art as a tool for social change.