Support Kerala – Live doodle Art, media coverages
by Sijin Gopinathan on September 9, 2018

Some 13 artists from India and one Emirati painted a canvas in front of mall goers at the Dubai Outlet Mall, to show their support for this non-profit initiative. Sijin Gopinathan, the artist who organised the event, said a total of 14 artists participated to represent the 14 districts of Kerala. They chose not to create a depressing image depicting the current situation in Kerala, but wanted an image that brought hope, he said. “This is our contribution to Kerala. We are using Theyyam categorically and other different art forms. The artwork will be exhibited here for one month, so that mall visitors of different nationalities know what is happening there and may be encouraged to give their bit,” Gopinathan, a doodle and mural artist, told Gulf News.


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