Doodle art work selected – Global woman in leadership economic forum 2017
by Sijin Gopinathan on November 6, 2017

18 artworks that highlights the theme of diversity, inclusion and female empowerment will be exhibited by AJALA artists at the event, including this winning artwork 'Gift of Life' by Sijin Gopinathan. Sijin got the opportunity to tell the story behind his winning artwork and his artwork will be on the official invites and tote bags that are given to all 600 high-profile female leaders, visionaries and changemakers that will be attending the Global WIL event.






Partnership with Naseba for the Global Women in Leadership (WIL) Economic Forum 2017 that is held from October 25th - 26th 2017 at the Ritz Carlton, Dubai.


Artists @ Photo-booth


Got appreciation from H.E. Noura Al Kaabi - UAE Minister of Culture and Knowledge Development @ GWEF17


Indian Movie director Anurag Kashyap Interview @ photo-booth artwork (butterfly effect, doodle) - naseba Global Woman in leadership economic forum 2017



Happy to share my highlights of the @naseba @wilforum: Quotes that made my day, by @modi.satish: "Charity is not about writing a cheque, it is about holding a hand, and changing someone's life completely". Words from Dhayani And even more powerful one: "Death would not allow us to take along the things we own; we can take along only what we give, as this will live beyond us." Also, Mr. Modi has written a wonderful book with a thrilling name "In love with death" - this is on the top of my "To read list now"! Thanks to @nomadschangingtheworld and his inspiring @theajalaproject I became a lucky owner of this incredible piece of art by @sijingopinathan ❤️. Even more happy as some proceeds of funds raised @theajalaproject at @wilforum will go to @playforsmiles run by my beloved, to support incredible work they do for children in Kenya. Please do check and support them too! And the last one, could be most important insight. There is a saying "It takes a village to raise a child". After two days of inspiring talks and meetings with incredible, powerful, beautiful, courages and talented women from around the world, I came up with conclusion that "It takes a circle of women to empower a woman"... Thanks to @wilforum for inspirations!